VMB1DM and LED lamps

can i use VMB1DM to dimm LED lamps?
what do i need to have for that?

No, the VMB1DM cannot dim LEDs at this time
We do not have a dimmer in our range for such purpose
Future developments may include LED control and dimming, if there is a commercial interest.

Are VMBDME compatible with dimmable led lamps?
Are they using same technology than VMB1DM?

VMBDME are not compatible for dimming LED lamps.
Also VMB1DM as well as VMBDMI-R are only for resistive and inductive loads, not for LED.

We have the following alternative to dim LED lamps.
0-10V Velbus module together with compatible LED dimmer from Finder.

  • VMB4DC ==> 4-channel 0/1-10v universal dimmer controller
  • FIN15. ==> Slave dimmer 0-10 v input - 230 vac - 400 w

To dim LED strips you can use the 2 channel 0-10V PWM dimmer together with 4ch 0/1-10 universal dimmre controller.

Best Regards,
Velbus Team


Thanks, I’ll give it a try… :slight_smile: