Smart Home training sessions (UK)

Hello everyone,

If you’re in the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or South Midlands area of the UK and want to come along to a Velbus training session, you’d be very welcome to attend a session with Proactive Technical Training in Tring (UK) on Jan 27th 2023.

Be aware that there are only 16 places available for this date, 14 places left as of Dec 6th 2022.

More details here


The longer term plan is that PTT will offer a more in-depth series of courses for people to attend before attempting the Velbus Installer exam.

(which we are creating… More details later)

We are also talking to the following colleges about running training courses for their year 2 & 3 electrical or plumbing students.

Once their Velbus hardware in place, there is a chance that the same venues will offer evening classes to contractors who want to upskill.

Moulton College
Lincoln College
MidKent Colleges


So it starts…

I’m really hoping that this is the start of the future for the next generation of experts.

The course leader for this group said that he’d never seen them so engaged , they really were interested in what I was showing them and what is possible with a well designed control backbone.

If you’re in the UK and you know a Further Education College that would welcome training for their Electrical or Plumbing students, please get in touch.

Further afield, please get in touch with Velbus head office or your local reseller.


What an amazing day

There were 12 thoroughly engaged people in the room today for a very intensive introduction to Velbus.

I wish I had taken more (read that as, some ) pictures.

Imagine these, but with people of all ages.


I’m enjoying this far more than I expected to.

The young people really want to know more.

If you have any opportunity to demo Velbus kit to our young people, please do it.
They really see the value.

I really didn’t think I’d be talking about Velbus so much at FOSdem this weekend.

I was happy to be there and talk about my experience with Openhab, but because I took a Velbus demo kit with me to show off how well it works with openHAB, people kept asking, “Ohhh !!! What’s that?”

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Back at the college training again.

This morning was full on with ~30 year 2 electrical students at MidKent college.

This afternoon sees the plumbers in the room


Yet another great session with Electrical apprentices, this time at Exeter College.

I just wish I’d remembered to ask someone to take some action shots :laughing:
We were just having too much fun

Hi all

We’re at it again.

We’re going to be running some " centrally wired" smart home training at a couple of UK colleges for Year 2 & 3 diploma & T-Level students, covering everything electrical within a property.
For example,
Mains lighting, low voltage lighting, heating & cooling controls and window blinds.

If the colleges also want to run evening classes for experienced people who want to upskill or are simply curious, who here would like to come along?

Pop your area in the comments and I’ll see what we can arrange.

For example.
Milton Keynes
Moulton College
Are currently on our list.

This is a shot from the one of the Kirklees College sessions today, three more, every day for the rest of the week.

One of the posts on LinkedIn from the college directors —

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I’m determined to make this year the “Year of Training”
It’s the only way we can get contractors and installer to start thinking that they have the skills and ability to meet modern customers needs.

I had a guy reply to a comment on a social media post the other day, suggesting that “Good Digital” controls were far to expensive to be considered

If there is anything you can do to encourage an installer to take some time to look, please do it.

I know everyone here is already a fan of Velbus, we just need to tell the rest of the world.

It would really help us if you could “like” and share any content you come across regarding Velbus.
Not just mine, anything please.
I’m told that “organic” growth is far more powerful that anything we could ever sponsor or pay for.

The biggest issue I have in the UK is that nobody (trades / designers / architects etc.) knows the name Velbus, because it just doesn’t feature on their news feeds.

Our article on page 56 might help?



Someone thought there was an Automation Duck coming to visit? :duck: :laughing: the college

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Here’s we go again

Bedford College today, for their electrical students, we’ll be going back to spend time with their plumbing students on another day.

Plumbing with Velbus, sounds like a new invention. :rofl:

Heating / cooling control

But you know that already :laughing:

Bedford College was a blast.

But I think someone didn’t get a memo

40 students… Not a single electrician or plumber among them

Turns out .

They were design and build students

My words changed, but the message was the same :wink:

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There’s a theme developing here.

Everywhere I take some Velbus kit, there seems to be a crowd of smiling faces.

Is it me :nerd_face: or the hardware :question::question::question:

Who’s going to do this for the students in France… Belgium… Spain… Italy… Germany… ? :wink:


I don’t think this is something that exists for students in Belgium.
Not sure which systems they’re educated in. But it’s also not the first system you here about on the DIY market.
I know for profs this kind of classes do exist if you know to find them. :slight_smile:

A lot of work for ambassadors as you. :wink:

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To say I’m enjoying this, would be a massive understatement.

I really wish I / We had started doing this YEARS AGO

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Maybe you should go on world tour with your “show”. :smiley:

Only if you’ll be my tour manager :bus: :hotel:

(don’t look up the hotel icons :scream: )

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We were at it again yesterday.

This time in Hugh Baird College in Bootle, Liverpool.

This young man first reached out to me and put me in touch with his lecturer.

It’s lovely to see him posting about his experience in such a positive way.

Next week…

I’m off to Spalding for two days with their students

But not until I visit the Northants Electrical Society tonight and introduce them to the joys of Velbus

Photos from last night,

None of the crowd, as we didn’t get permission to show them.

I was accompanied by a local company who specialise in Home Assistant deployments.
They have really taken a liking to Velbus hardware and all the effort that @cereal has made to making Velbus work so well within HomeAssistant.

Here’s an example video that “The Real Smart Home Company” have created.

They are using a stand alone computer, rather than a Signum, but I assume all this is possible within Signum too.