Velbus binding for OpenHAB



I created a pull request for a Velbus binding for OpenHAB.
It still has to be reviewed and merged, but you can already try it by putting the compiled jar in your OpenHAB addons folder.
The readme file can be found here.

I added all Velbus modules that I was currently able to test.
Please tell me if you are interested in other modules, I can add them if you are able to test them.


Openhab on Raspberry pi 3 model B+


That’s excellent news.

Can I help in any way?



Hi Cedric
I installed openhab2.none of my modules are detected.

Could you add?
Vmb4ry vm2bl vmb1dm vmb6in vmb8pb vmb4pb
I only have 1st gen modules.
I will test them and tell you how it works.
Thank you


Hi Ciceron,

I will take a look at the 1st gen modules and see if they can easily be added!



Thank you so much
If you could tell me how, I can try or help you…


It’s really good of you to all this work.

Please let me know how I can help.



Hi Cédric any news?
Could we just start with vmb2bl and vmb4ry?


Hi Ciceron,

Can you try with this version:

It should already support the vmb4ry.



thanks i will right away


vmb4ry WORKS!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:
vmb1dm not working but displaying current intensity
modules status are : online

would it help if i provide log (where could i find it?)


Yes, a log file would help.
On Windows you can find it under …\openHAB2\userdata\logs\openhab.log
On Linux the log file will probably be under /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log


Log deleted.if needed let me know


Log deleted
Too long …



The log doesn’t show any problems, so maybe the binding is sending a wrong command to the vmb1dm.
You can send 2 different commands, an ON/OFF command with a switch, and a Percentage command with a slider.
Are both commands not working, or only one of them?

What could also help is if you go to the Logging-tab in VelbusLink, clear the log, perform the action directly on your vmb1dm through VelbusLink and save this log. That way I’ll be able to compare a correctly generated packet with the one that the OpenHAB binding is generating.



Both commands do not work.

i will do that…

Could you add vmb2bl and vmb6in please?
Family is thrilled by openhab!
Thanks Cédric


this is the log of dimmer: on / off / 50%


Hi Cédric
Is a raspberry ok for openhab, like model 3 b ? Or do you recommend something else?


Hi Ciceron,

Thanks for the log!
I noticed a small difference in the packet, I will try to make a new build of the binding with a few changes tonight or tomorrow.

I’m currently using OpenHab on a raspberry pi 3 and it works great.
openHABian makes the setup very easy!


Hi Ciceron,

I made a modification for the vmb1dm, can you try this new version?

Note that you might have to upgrade OpenHAB to the latest snapshot, as it already contains some other changes.
(If the OpenHAB log mentions something about “javax.measure” not being found, this means you will have to upgrade)

Due to another change the channel names on your “Things” will probably also be gone.
To fix this you can simply delete all things except the “Bridge”, and re-discover them again through the inbox.
As you keep the “Bridge”-thing your items configuration will stay the same.


Edit: made one more fix in the jar file


If we could have vmb2bl this WE, that would be great