Velbus binding for OpenHAB



Today I installed the new binding version 2.3.0 (93kb).

To read the temperature out of a “vmbpiro” its not possible yet. The “Error 500internal server error” is gone now and it is possible to view the channels. For the “vmbpiro” there is no temperature channel.

For the “vmbgp4pir” there is a temperature channel and it is linked.

But there is still no temperature readout on Basic UI.
Reading out the temperature of VMBGPOD, VMBGP4 and VMBGP2 are working.

*.items file
Number:Temperature Verw_Inkomhal_Temp “Temperature Inkomhal [%.1f °C]” (GF_Inkomhal, gLogging, gTemperature) {channel=“velbus:vmbgp4pir:956cb640:7D:glasspannel#CH9”}

*.sitemap file
Text item=Verw_Inkomhal_Temp valuecolor=[>30=“red”,>5=“green”,<5=“blue”]

I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


Hi David

I have two questions…

  1. Have you removed and restored the VMBPIR module? (So that it can be reprofiled)

  2. May I ask why you aren’t using PaperUI to create things and link to (auto generated) items? (Instead of using .items files)

Then a tiny question because I don’t understand .items files.

Why is the syntax


Rather than



Hi Stuart,

“1.Have you removed and restored the VMBPIR module? (So that it can be reprofiled)”
Perfect, now the temp channels are available and it works.

2.May I ask why you aren’t using PaperUI to create things and link to (auto generated) items? (Instead of using .items files)
There are more possibilities, you can create groups,…

I think it’s a little bug in velbuslink.

VMBGPOD, VMBGP4, VMBPIR and VMBGP2 all giving “input” instead of (things Paper UI)

VMBGP4PIR is the only one that gives “glasspannel”


That’s great news :smile:
I’m glad that you’ve got it working now.

Really? I’ve been creating groups in PaperUI quite happily.

Maybe it’s much easier to arrange them in a text file so that you can see what is on each group.

I’ll admit that I can loose track of the members of groups. :wink:


if you want to use openhab with other third parties like google home or alexa, you need to declare the items on the files and rules too.
personnally i dont use paper ui or habpanel, everything is voice commands and rules…
it is faster as i have almost 70 channels…


Isn’t it great that there are many different ways to achieve the same goals.

I’ve just added tags using the Karaf console so that Google Assistant can control / interact with Items in OpenHab2.

My wife rolls her eyes at anything voice operated, so I’m not going to make everything Voice Control only… Just yet :wink:


you are right, like lower all shutters rule, i didnt do via voice command.
if an obstructing object , it will cost alot…


Do you guys really have time for all this. I’ve been struggling for the past month to configure my installation but the more I add the more ideas come and the more time consuming is to make it smart. I would like something hey I see you have a new blind module do you want me to set up rules … yes… ok would you like a sunset wake up to be set … sound nice yes… What openhab needs is AI. Do you guys have something like that?


yes they are dynamic rules that can be setup, instead of static



Does that translate to…

“The more I discover, the more I realise I can achieve” :smile:

As for time to add all these ideas, yes, there are always more ideas than hours available.


Hi guys, I’m pretty new to the whole OpenHAB story.
I’m a professional Velbus installer and offcourse have Velbus installed at my home.
Last week I installed OpenHAB on a RPi 2. Most of my Velbus installation works through openHAB (with Android phone and on Windows PC) but I’m not able to use a VMB1BL, not on openHAB, and not even in PAPER UI. I had to manually add it too, as it was not found while searching for modules.
Is it possible that the VMB1BL is not included in the binding? Or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot for the binding btw, I’m in love :wink:


my Velbus installation works through openHAB
not able to use a VMB1BL, not on openHAB

–> both “openHAB” should be “HABPanel” offcourse


Hi @CobleS

Have you had any luck getting the VBM1BL to work?

I have one in stock here, I’ll hook it up to my demo rig and see what happens.





Nope, still nothing…
I found this in the Velbus Binding description

The supported Velbus devices are: vmb1bls, vmb1dm, vmb1led, vmb1ry, vmb1ryno, vmb1rynos, vmb2ble, vmb2pbn, vmb4dc, vmb4ry, vmb4ryld, vmb4ryno, vmb6in, vmb6pbn, vmb7in, vmb8ir, vmb8pb, vmb8pbu, vmbdme, vmbdmi, vmbdmir, vmbgp1, vmbgp2, vmbgp4, vmbgp4pir, vmbgpo, vmbgpod, vmbpirc, vmbpirm, vmbpiro

As you can see, VMB1BL is not included. I think that’s why it doesn’t work for me.



Hello @CobleS

I see…

So, should I assume that you’re using the binding from the public repository?

Please check this comment within this thread, so that you can use the latest development release.

I can confirm that it supports the VMB1BL.

The link in thread No. 118 is still valid.

You might have to remove some “things” and add them again, so that they can be re-profiled to give you access to the new channels.

Good luck,




Oops, I can’t believe that actually slipped my mind.
I had read the entire post and immediately downloaded the newer release, but hadn’t found the time yet to install it.
I won’t be having time the first few days, but when I install it, I will surely post a reply to let you know if it works.

Thanks for your help



Just finished installing the bleeding edge version. I’m happy to tell you that my VMB1BL works! :smiley:

Thanks again for the help
Grtz !


That’s excellent news.

I’m very happy for you.

The master @cedricb has worked his magic again :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting your feedback, it’s always nice to know when things go well :smile:




Hi all,
As a new Openhab user, but early adopter of Velbus, I’m very happy I made the right decision years ago. First of all, special thanks for the great works of @cedricb enabling Velbus on OpenHAB!

Stating the obvious, but this is a real “reinvention” for me, changing from an isolated home system to limitless possibilities (a bit overwhelming).
Thousands combinations/integrations are coming at the reach of Velbus users:
OpenHAB: 328 add-ons & 1547 things
IFTT Binding: ecosystem of over 600 world-class services
MQTT Binding: machine-to-machine (M2M)/"Internet of Things"

In order to make correct design decisions, I wonder what is on the further roadmap for Velbus binding. I’m currently running version released 2019 Feb 3rd on openhab2 (on raspberry 3/Openhabian). Can you please let me know if there are plans (or potential already night releases) supporting vmb4pd, vmb1ts, vmb1tc ? Possibly with estimated timers (weeks/months?)

All output modules (for me) working 100%: vmb1dm, vmb2bl, vmb4ry, vmb4ryno
Some input modules recognized as well: vmb8pd, vmb8pbu, vmbmeteo

Original target was to use Openhab as “input”, triggering relais, but it would be nice if we can link temperature state change or the push button input module to use Openhab as “output” trigger for 3th party integrations. Alternative I can sacrifice vmb8pd inputs or if anyone has another idea as workaround? (like capture state changes directly from the Velbus)


This is totally possible.

Have you read this?

Specifically where Cédric talks about Channel triggers?

You can use all the states and triggers within openHAB2 rules


Dear MDAR,
100% right for thing types vmbgp1 , vmbgp2 , vmbgp4 , vmbgp4pir and vmbpiro have 8 trigger channels CH1CH8 and one temperature channel CH9 .
But I still have/use the “old” temperature sensors vmb1ts
I hope low effort to add this to the supported sensors (or potentially I can make openhab “think/fool” I have vmbgp1 instead of vmb1ts