Velbus binding for OpenHAB

Oh I see what you mean.

I’ve hung a VMB1TS onto my demo rig, so that it is accessible to Cédric.

When he has time, I’m sure he’ll take a look at it.


I think I can faintly hear the tapping of keyboard buttons and I think I made out a key stroke sequence that sounded a bit like… VMB1TS…

But I could be wrong…

We’ll have to see what the great master presents us with… Soon ???

Have you worked this out yet?

DSL rules are easy enough for this in openHAB2, or there is NodeRed which I’ve been playing with recently.

The results are great for whichever you’re most comfortable using.

Patiently waiting for the VMB1TS integration… and meanwhile learning openhab features, rules, virtual relays, react on label changes etc…the sky is the limit… only missing time. Luckily 1 may tomorrow…holiday for working folks.

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Hello All :smile:

I’m struggling to find where I posted the link to an openHAB2 Velbus binding update script, so to help everyone, I’ll put it here


Just run that script from your linux command line and it will pull down Cédrics latest binding from my website and put it into the openHAB addons’ folder.

Assuming it is

Don’t forget to add the V1 Serial Binding to get it working, easiest way it from PaperUI / Configuration / Addons / Bindings
You don’t need to do anything more than add it, there are no configuration files needed.

(I’ve lost count how many times I’ve forgotten that step)

Are the VMBEL (Edge Lit) control modules compatible with the OpenHab (or HomeAssistant) platforms?


Cédric is working on the openHAB2 binding, so that it includes the edge lit panels.

There is a development binding if you want to test it :slight_smile: (although I suspect Cédric has a more recent version he’s working on)

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Thanks for the fast reply! I’ll check it out when I have the new control modules.

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