i problem with the VMBGPO, it seems that the setting for sending the current temperature every time it changes is not set correctly …

i set this with velbuslink, and then one or 2 times the temp is transmitted, i close velbuslink and if i reopen its set to not transmit the current temperature … is there any solution for this?


Could you give a more detailed description of your actions? When you perform reads/writes, etc. Because this is important to solving your problem.

And another important question: Do you have HomeCenter?


  • no homecenter

1- start velbuslink
2- connect
3- scan
4- edit vmbgpo module (configure module)
5- go to temperature => advanced => change setting from never to every time it changes
6- quick write
=> at this point i see in the logging some memory block messages, immediately followed by the sensor temperature message
7- close velbuslink

=> no temperature sensor messages are seen (for this module, only for the other vmb1ts sensors)

repeat 1 to 4
now the setting is set back to ‘never transmit’

Kindly also post the VelbusLink version

You have indeed found a bug in the configuration software. The command to configure this setting has changed compared to the VMB1TS, and VelbusLink is not up to date with this change. For the moment, it would be best to set it to transmit its temperature every 10+ seconds (this setting still works).


i’ll use that solution as a work around, will this be fixed any time soon?

Probably somewhere this week

This version fixes the bug in the VMBGPO configuration:

It has not been released yet, but I will help you with your problem.


but i don’t find the option anymore …
or is it only visible when connected?

That is correct, it is only visible when connected because it is no longer present in the module’s memory. The settings must be set via commands, hence the required connection.

ok, willl need to test it at home then, thanks for the quick fix

it still is not working,

1- when i set the value to transmit every time when changed, its still not transmitting
2- on startup (after scan) none of the 3 radio buttons are checked, so it seems that the read function is not correct yet

Any update on this?

We are working on extended functionality of the VMB7IN, so it is not possible to release a new version at the moment. The bug will be fixed in the next official release so we can finalize everything properly.

ok thanks,
any idea how long it will take?
are we talking in weeks or months?

Only one or two weeks

any updates? we are 4 weeks later …

Unfortunately, due to other more pressing projects we have been unable to follow this up. We are also working on a french version of VelbusLink.

hmm, i’m a bit disappointed that its not fixed in the latest velbuslink, although it was promised above …