Bridging Velbus with TCP through snap package

Hello everyone

We’ve made a snap package to easily run a Velbus TCP gateway on any snapd-compatible Linux distribution.

To install, simply run these two commands;

snap install velbus-tcp
snap connect velbus-tcp:raw-usb :raw-usb

The server will now listen at 27015 (which you can connect to with VelbusLink).

Source code and further information can be found at

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Do you have a systemd service file to automate the starting and stopping of this service in Linux?


This snap starts automatically. It does not require a systemd service file.

To start the snap:

snap start velbus-tcp

To stop the snap:

snap stop velbus-tcp

Thanks :slight_smile:

I meant to start the service at boot up :wink:


It starts automatically at boot up. :smile:

You can check the status of the snap with

snap services velbus-tcp

It should say
Startup: enabled
Current: active

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